Vista piracy half that of Windows XP says Microsoft

Microsoft, the operating system company we all love (r-r-right -Ed) has proudly announced that its piracy levels on Vista are only half of those seen on Windows XP.

The software giant claims its Vista anti-piracy systems are to thank for the reduction in piracy.

It couldn't be, however, that fewer people want to pirate the new-ish operating system, which is coming up for its first anniversary shortly, could it?

Nah, Microsoft says that its anti-piracy system on Vista is much more effective than before, with users suspected of using a pirated version of Vista being subjected to what the software giant calls "reduced functionality mode."

Interviewed on the CNet newswire, Mike Sievert, Microsoft's vice president, said that his company had dispensed with the so-called WGA "kill switch" in Vista SP1 (Service Pack 1).

This could, says CNet, have the effect of levelling the piracy playing field.

"It'll be interesting to see if Vista's piracy rates will shoot up following the release of SP1," says CNet...