"Sorry, No Mobile Phone Signal" Is Most Popular British Lie

In a recent survey conducted by online market research company One Poll, it has been indicated that an average Briton lies 4 times in a day, that mounts to 1500 lies in a year, with the most popular being 'sorry I had no signal' when returning an intentionally missed call.

The study, which surveyed around 4,300 adults also revealed that at least one in 6 men confessed of lying to their wives and girlfriends, managing an average of two lies in a day. The most popular lie turned out to be faking a bad mobile signal while returning a missed call.

Interestingly, the survey also indicated that one in every 3 three Britons lie about their weight, while 30 percent people lied about the amount of exercise they did.

A quarter of Britons lie about their debt situation from time to time while a fifth of men have lied when it came to flirting with other women.

However, spending a night with a female turned out to be the worst to lie to tell while almost a quarter of men have lied to their partner about how good she looks in a particular outfit.

Women on the other hand, lie about how much their clothes have cost and fake the amount of alcohol they have had to drink.


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