Review : Virgin Media V HD Box

Review : Virgin Media V HD Box

Virgin Media sent us a V HD Box a few days ago so that we could investigate the cable’s company new proposals; high definition content for free, something that rival companies likes Sky are unable to offer for now.

In a nutshell, VM’s proposal is that channels that are currently available on your TV package in high definition, will be offered to you gratis. This means that even those on the cheapest package (which comes free) may experience high definition albeit limited to BBC HD, ITV HD and Channel 4HD.

In comparison, you have to fork out at least £10 per month, on top of their existing monthly TV subscription, to get HD channels from Sky’s bewildering offer of high definition content.

Other potential routes to explore include Freeview HD and Freesat HD, both of which will require the one-off purchase of a set top box with prices starting from around £100.

The package is available as an upgrade for £64 to new and existing customers who don’t mind going the DIY way and £84 for those who opt for the easier route of calling the technician to get the installation done.

We went for the first one and after receiving an activation window of 24 hours, swapped our old Samsung set top box for the new one which is now built by Cisco. 

The networking giant entered the set top box market after purchasing Scientific Altanta back in November 2005 for nearly $7 billion.

The set top box itself has a black glossy finish and looks rather similar to Virgin Media’s 50Mbps wireless router with its odd concave-convex shape.

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