IE gains browser market share for once

After many months of losing market share, Microsoft's browser, Internet Explorer, has clawed back a few fractions of a percentage point according to click counters at analyst firm Netmarketshare

The outfit reckons Exploder can claim a 0.57 per cent boost in its share of the global browser market for the month of June 2010.

According to its figures, IE commands a 60.32 per cent share of the browser market, Firefox slipped back half a percentage point to 23.81 per cent, while Chrome put on a couple of points to stand at a 4.85 per cent share.

IE's market share has been slipping every month since August 2009. Its apparent reversal of this trend is likely to be due to the take-up of Windows 7, which Voles reckon is doing pretty well, thank you.

You can view more of the report here.


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