Advertising Watchdog To Regulate Web-based Ads

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has extended its regulatory powers to control online advertisements on websites and social networking platforms.

The ASA confirmed that from March 1st 2011 onwards, online advertisement and marketing will be governed by the same set of rules that are for traditional media marketing.

Interestingly, search engine giant Google is working with the ASA in its endeavour and has also offered financial aid for the project.

ASA chairman Chris Smith informed that Google 'pondered' over the matter for a while before signing up for the project.

The watchdog said it had received 4,500 complaints related to online ads but could not do anything about it as they fell out of its jurisdiction.

In a statement to The Financial Times, Lord Smith said that “Over the last two to three years, everyone has come to realise that as well as advertising on third-party spaces, there is actually quite a lot of marketing communication that goes on within companies’ own websites.”