Amazon To Launch Video Subscription Service?

Online retail giant Amazon is planning to come up with its own web-based video subscription service and is in talks with big media houses such as Time Warner.

Citing three people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that Amazon plans to launch a monthly subscription based video service, which will feature old movies and TV shows.

However, Bloomberg sources also warned that the talks were in an early stage and could still fall apart. Besides Time Warner, Amazon has approached Viacom and NBC Universal for the video subscription service.

In addition, The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is making plans to rival services from Netflix along with the highly anticipated Google TV service.

WSJ also said that Amazon service will be accessible from web browsers, internet-ready TV sets, Bluray players and the popular Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console.

The news come as echoes of a potential partnership might occur between Apple and Netflix and that the Cupertino-company might be looking to offer 99c TV rentals soon reached our ears.


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