Apple Brings Minor Updates To iPod Shuffle, Cans 4GB Model

Apple has brought back the old iPod Shuffle it seems and updated it for the fourth time in almost as many years.

Available in five colours (but not black), the new iPod Shuffle brings back the circular navigation of the 2nd generation Shuffle complete with a slightly smaller and squarer body.

It is still crafted from a single piece of aluminium and Apple will be touting it as a "perfect fashion accessory"; the new model has a battery life of nearly 15 hours according to Apple and comes with the well-thought clip.

The Voice over feature is carried forward from the 3rd generation and adds a few more languages plus there's also the support for multiple playlists and Genius Mixes.

Apple has quietly dropped the 4GB model which means that you will only be able to buy the 2GB model.

The good news is that Apple says that it will be available within 7 business days and that it will now cost only £39 with free shipping, a £5 discount from the old 3rd generation model.

The only bad news is that the tiny size of the new iPod Shuffle will make laser engraving slightly problematic.