Apple Music keynote event to be streamed live

For the first time ever, Apple will be broadcasting video of this evening's launch event live from the company's Cupertino campus.

The live video stream will be hosted on the company's main site at starting at 6pm UK time - but you must have contributed to the Apple coffers in a significant way if you want to join the party.

The broadcast will only be viewable by proper Apple fans who are either using the company's Safari web browser on a OSX Snow Leopard-equipped Mac or an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad running iOS 3.0 or higher.

Apple is well known for keeping unfriendly press at bay, but only allowing iDevice owners to hear Steve's words of wisdom may well be seen as a step too far in many camps.

Non-Apple fans will, of course, be allowed to watch the keynote after the event through the normal channels.

Rumours are rife as to what the man in the black turtle-neck will bless us with during tonight's sermon from the Church of Cupertino, but the guitarry theme of the invite suggests that the event will have a musical bent.

We predict a revamped iTunes - possible web-based - with lots of social sharing of playlists and favourites. Don't be surprised if the likes of Facebook are lurking in there somewhere.

We're also hearing rumbles about two possible new iPod Touch models, the first with the iPhone's Retina Display and a couple of cameras for video calls, the second with a brand new 3x3-inch touch screen and a square shape.

Less likely in our book is a relaunched Apple TV gadget with a new name, iTV. Apple is thought to still be in negotiations with US TV producers over cheap episode rentals and the cloud-based, sub-$100 device won't be launched without a heap of killer content.