Apple Introduces iTunes 10 With Ping

Apple has updated iTunes to version 10, one of its most important updates to the media management application in the past few years.

The most important change by far is a new feature called Ping which introduces a dose of social networking in iTunes, something that had been sorely lacking in Apple products lately.

Described by Apple CEO Steve Jobs as "Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes" or a "social network for music" during the keynote presentation, it will allow iTunes aficionados to follow artists and friends with the usual characteristics associated.

These includes recommendations, status updates, follow buttons, as well as the ability to create a circle of friends and buy tracks or whole albums in one click.

Artists will be able to communicate with their fans with many of the acts present amongst the 17,000 concert listings.

Apple used Lady GaGa as the example of what can be done and, to be honest, Ping for artists looks a LOT like a Apple-esque vision of Myspace.

Ping will be available in more than 123 countries and will find its way on the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

iTunes 10, which also gets a brand new user interface and a new logo, will be available for download "soon" according to the