Apple Music Event In Pseudo Live

So what to make from today's event... Apple has laid the foundations to some fantastic stuff (ping) and extending the shell life of others.

Chris Martin From Cold Play playing live.... Meh....

Would have been great to use the iPod Nano/iPhone etc as a remote for the $99 Apple TV

Price went down to $99 from $299.... as expected 8-) 28 days preorder... that's not bad at all.

You can seamlessly sync movies to and from the Apple TV/iPad.. Dunno whether you can do that on iPod Touch, iPhone

Apple TV seems to be underwhelming though... bear in mind though that Jobs want to increase the size of the market, not get ppl to upgrade

99c TV shows, HD content up as expected & Netflix can be streamed as well. Now that's a big thing.

The remote control is lovely, infinitely better than all the plastic remotes that I've seen lately.

The new Apple TV keeps it name (playing safe, Steve) but is only a quarter of the size. Keeps everything else though. HDMI, USB, Ethernet

Now Jobs' talking about the Apple TV.... keeping the best for last.

new logo for the iTunes by the way..

Ping interesting on several levels. Brings call to action nearer to the river of discussion. Will Facebook follow suit with s/thing similar.

It would make sense if at some point, iTunes and Safari are merged together... Flock anyone?

Sounds a lot like Spotify's recently added new social features...

It's basically Genius but for groups.... And more...

new iTunes 10 out already. Also social networking for music = Ping... FB meets Twitter... Now that's going to be uber interesting

That's bigger than Paypal (around 155 million)... So iTunes could launch a new virtual currency service overnight if they chose to.

iTunes : 450m TV episodes, 100m movies, 35m books, nearly 12bn music tracks.... More interesting though 160m accounts with CC details.

the ipod touch does look a lot like the iPhone 4 from the front at least

no 128GB version of the iPod Touch though... prices still remain the same, we'll see whether Apple nudges the price upwards.

As expected facetime, front camera, A4 SoC, HD recording, 40 hr battery life, iOS 4.1,

New iPod Touch sticks to same format but uses iPhone 4 hardware. Retina display, 326dpi screen...

iPod Touch bigger than Nintendo and Sony combined as far as portable gaming devices are concerned. 1.5bn gaming & entertainment downloads

new iPod nano is definitely nudge towards iPod Touch as far as watching video is concerned... clear separation of features here.

Another stat, 6.5 billion apps downloaded, that's one for every human being on the planet 8-)

the new iPod Nano is not much bigger than the Shuffle... watching vids on that is going to be painful... very painful

new iPod Shuffle going live, new iPod nano as well. Gorgeous, without any click wheels, looks like a mini iPod Touch but squarer

iOS 4.2 available soon, wireless printing coming, 250K apps, 25K iPad apps, Airplay, Airtunes, 275m iPod sold, new models coming out.

main points : 120m iOS devices, 1m visitors in Apple stores on some days, 200 apps per sec, 230K activations per day, iOS 4.1 available now

And we're back online.... Apologies for missing the first few minutes