Apple To Partner With Netflix Over TV?

Apple may well bundle popular video on demand service, Netflix, with its rumoured refresh of the Apple TV device when it is announced later today.

A report published by Bloomberg news service cites two anonymous sources "with knowledge of the plans" who say that Apple will present this feature this afternoon

Users would still have to pay for Netflix's subscription rental fees to access the streaming service. The new Apple TV is expected to cost around $99 at launch and would be significantly cheaper than the current version it is replacing.

The new Apple TV will come with iPhone 4 hardware according to earlier rumours, complete w ith iOS operating system and native support for the App Store.

Netflix has been very aggressive lately when it comes to supporting a wide number of platforms and its arrival on the Apple TV may well prove fatal to some of its competitors.

Still, there's a small problem that few, if any, highlighted. Netflix is not currently available outside the US and this could severely hamper the sales of a Netflix-powered Apple iTV.

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