Apple To Stream Music Event Live

Apple is holding an event today but has decided to stream it online for others to watch as well, rather than depending solely on the bloggers and journalists present.

There are a number of theories as to why Apple suddenly decided to resurrect streaming media as a way to communicate with its audience worldwide.

Some are saying that it might be due to the fact that the event might be linked to some sort of streaming technology.

Indeed as Techcrunch highlights, the last time Apple did something similar was back in 2003 during a Macworld keynote where the Quicktime Streaming Server was demoed.

Streaming, either as cloud-based iTunes or a video-based solution like Netflix, will very much part of the mix. Another more pragmatic suggestion is that Jobs would like the audience at Yerba Buena to turn off Wi-Fi hotspots to avoid any interference.

Others say that it might just be a good way for Apple to live-test the new data centre that it is building in North Carolina.

We suspect however that Apple is sending a clear message to journalists after the grilling it had the last few months over the Antennagate.

Apple can now potentially bypass journalists and spread its messages directly to its global audience instantly and without interference.

Stay tuned to ITProPortal this afternoon for up-to-the-minute coverage of Apple’s music event, which begins at 6pm.