Boffins Working On 5nm Manufacturing Process

Scientists claimed to have managed to miniaturise computer memory chips, using readily available technology, beyond what can conventionally achieved, down to 5nm (most manufacturing processes are currently done at 32nm).

If researchers at Rice University are to be believed, technology equipment manufacturers will be able to continuously develop chips of smaller sizes to enhance computing prowess of a system, extending the so-called Moore's Law further.

According to Jun Yao, a researcher at Rice university who worked in collaboration with a Texas-based start up, PrivaTran, the newly developed chips can surpass the current technology of 1,000 bits of data each chip in next five years.

The switch, dubbed as memristors or simply memory resistors, are build by using silicon oxide, the main material of a memory chip which is easily and widely available.

Interestingly, Hewlett-Packard claimed to develop a similar technology with a big semiconductor firm that remained unnamed (Intel maybe?), the New York Times has stated.


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