Five Predictions For The Apple Music Event

Apple's Music event will be starting in less than one hour and there has been a number of rumours surrounding the happening, which is taking place on the 1st of September, a few days before what normally is considered Apple's preferred launch period.

Held at the Yerba Buena centre for arts and most possibly presented by Apple's Maestro, Steve Jobs, the Music Event will be streamed live but will only be available to those owning an Apple iOS device; we will be holding a live stream though.

Till the curtains are drawn and the products (or services) presented, here's a quick rundown of the latest we've heard on the grapevine.

(1) Apple is likely to launch a revamped version of the Apple TV, swapping the moniker for iTV. The set top box may share the same hardware as the iPod Touch, the iPhone and the iPad except for the display and the battery. This, as we explained already, makes sense when it comes to developing a common platform and to save on component costs.

(2) A redesigned iPod Nano measuring only 43mm x 43mm is said to be in the pipeline together with a new iPod Touch with Facetime and a front facing camera. Numerous pictures of casings from third parties have emerged that support such rumours.

(3) Apple is rumoured to be in talks with Fox and ABC to provide a 99c TV show rental service; there's a slim chance that this goes through because content producers are particularly wary about the impact such an agreement could have on their existing partnerships with US network providers.

(4) Apple may bring Netflix onboard; the popular US-based video on demand website has been aggressively pursuing a video streaming strategy lately, allowing it to score crucial points against rivals like Blockbuster. We're not sure whether Apple will have some sort of exclusive agreement with Netflix but it is likely that there will be a formal announcement. The only problem at this point is that Netflix is available only in the US.

(5) We predict that the iPod Classic will finally die of a quiet death; that the "phat" iPod hasn't been updated since September 2007 and is unlikely to be ever revived. Three years without any major updates surely means that it is well and truly dead, especially if Apple announces a 128GB version of the iPod Touch.