Indian Government To Challenge Google, Skype

After granting two months' relief to Research In Motion (RIM), the Indian government is set to take on internet telephony services, Gmail and Skype.

According to USA Today, the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs will demand access to the data stored on Google's Gmail servers along with Skype’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

"If a company is providing telecom services in India, then all communications must be available to Indian security services. If Google or Skype have a component that is not accessible, that will not be possible." stated the spokesman for the home ministry.

He also told newspapers that the regulators have already start sending notices to the companies, wherein they will have to comply with the demand of the authorities for lawful access to their data, or else face shut down in the country.

The government has cited the inability on the part of intelligence agencies of the country to get access to the data as the main motivator for the decision.

There are fears that criminals and terrorists use both services to exchange information and plan attacks, knowing that Gmail and Skype are apparently immune to government-backed hacking.