Microsoft Quietly Cutting Price Of Xbox 360 Controller?

It could well be a mere coincidence but one reader reminded us that the price of the wireless Xbox 360 Elite controller has dropped significantly over the past few weeks, possibly because Microsoft is clearing stock for the brand new Xbox 360 D-Pad controller.

The current wireless controller is on sale for less than £18 at and at Base and allows the user to play from up to 30 feet from the Xbox 360 gaming console with a battery life of 40 hours thanks to the two AA batteries included.

The new model will feature a twistable D-pad which aims to please as many gamers as possible by allowing them to choose between two potential options; flush or raised.

Unfortunately Microsoft is raising the price of the controller but will bundle the normally optional Play and Charge kit, which many customers already have anyway. More about the new controller, including more about the device's great new look below.