Microsoft Try To Lure VMWare Customers With Warning

Software giant Microsoft has urged customers to try out its Azure cloud computing platform before getting into a three-year contract with rival VMware.

In an open letter addressed to the public, published in USA Today, Microsoft pointed out that the company offers a lot more flexibility and functionality than VMware ever will.

The company warned users against tying themselves in a 36-months contract with the rival firm, as VMware virtualisation tools apparently offer limited functionality.

The letter, which was released to clash with VMware's annual VMworld in San Francisco, highlighted several points that distinguished Microsoft's virtualisation and cloud platform from VMware services.

Brad Anderson, the vice president for Microsoft's server and tools business, wrote in the letter that “But with the arrival of cloud computing, signing up for a three-year virtualization commitment may lock you into a vendor that cannot provide you with the breadth of technology, flexibility or scale that you'll need to build a complete cloud computing environment.