Next HTC handset leaked

T-Mobile in the USA has leaked the upcoming codenamed HTC Desire Z handset, under their official name of the T-Mobile G2.

Images have appeared on T-Mobile's stateside website to the successor of the very first Android handset from 2008, the T-Mobile G1.

T-Mobile has yet to produce a webpage displaying these images, but sources linking to technology site Engadget have obtained the URLs to where the images reside on the actual T-Mobile website.

T-Mobile G2, or the HTC Desire Z has been reported to have all the trimmings of the original Desire only with a Qwerty keyboard. HTC has ventured down this route before, with the Touch Pro being a slide out keyboard version of the HTC Touch Diamond.

Recently, HTC announced they will be moving away from using AMOLED screens, in favour of the Super LCD variant - where this handset could be the very first mobile phone of theirs to contain an 3.7-inch display of that style.

The original Android handset, the T-Mobile G1, was developed for T-Mobile in the USA as a Sidekick-esque mobile phone, only running the newest and most promising operating system for mobile phones at that time.

HTC is holding a press event in London on the 15th of this month, where we suspect the HTC Desire Z will be made official.


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