OpenX On Collision Course With Google On Advertising

Online advertising start-up OpenX is planning to make a move into the lucrative online display ads market by offering an independent display ad exchange to rival Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

OpenX has partnered with Japanese advertising firm Dentsu, to develop a local OpenX advertising exchange, which would allow advertisers place bids and auction online display ads in real-time.

The company explained that other display ad services providers like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft offered ads based on a search advertising business or a publishing business.

The OpenX platform - which exists as an open source solution - will offer display ads independently, allowing online advertisement publishers to decide where and how their ads will be placed.

In a statement to The Wall Street Journal, OpenX Chief Executive Tim Cadogan, said that “What we're trying to do here is build a global alliance, to build an exchange platform that's a real alternative. The search marketplace and contextual marketplace are both pretty well tied up by the same player, the display market is not.”