Orange To Enhance Phone Calls With HD Voice Feature

Mobile network operator Orange has become the first UK network to offer high-definition voice calls on its network via a feature called HD voice feature; the France-Telecom company claims that it is designed to eliminate background noise and offer superior voice clarity.

The service is based on a technology called Adaptive Multi Rate Wideband (AMR-WB), which has been adopted as an international standard by 3G network providers around the globe; AMR-WB works by compressing voice signals on a network more efficiently, thereby improving the quality of service

Experts believe that other UK mobile services providers will soon follow in Orange's footsteps to install the technology on their networks; UK telecom regulator Ofcom has already stated that installing the technology is fairly simple as it involves a software upgrade at the base station.

In a statement to BBC News, William Webb, the head of research at Ofcom, said that “There is a commercial incentive to squash the data as much as possible. But you can't go too far. The trick is to find the balance point, the sweet spot.”