Orange HD Voice : Where Are The Handsets?

(Ed : Orange has informed us that there is indeed a fourth model that's compatible with HD Voice, the Samsung Omnia Pro B7350, but only for business customers. In addition, the mobile phone operator also tells us that eight HD Voice compatible handsets have been launched, but across Europe)

Orange announced that it will be rolling out a new call-enhancing feature called HD Voice but only a small number of handsets support the feature as of today.

Trials had take place across Europe in September 2009 with Moldova being the first to get the service and tests had begun in the UK in June 1010 with the promise of "virtually eliminating the distance between callers".

The mobile phone provider announced in December 2009 that it would provide HD voice to its customers and said back then that it would be working closely with leading mobile phone manufacturers.

Yet, only three handsets, the Nokia E5, the X6 and the 5230, are listed on Orange as supporting HD Voice and capable of reducing background noise.

Worse, it failed to deliver on its promise to bring as many as eight HD Voice compatible handsets during the first half of 2010.

The service will require 3G and although it only requires an update at the base station to be enabled (a fairly painless process), it does appear that the proper HD voice experience will only take place between two callers with HD Voice compatible handsets on Orange.