Palm Brings Out WebOS 2.0 For Developers Only

Palm has released the latest version of its webOS mobile operating system, initially targeting developers for a limited period of time.

According to Palm, the webOS 2.0 operating system will come with a new 'Stacks' feature which would result in better multitasking and a 'Quick Actions' feature, which would allow users to access or create emails without accessing the application.

The company said that the public version of the new OS will be released later during the year, and the current webOS 2.0 developer is available via the SDK Early Access Program.

The 'Quick Actions' feature is a part of the 'Just Type' function, which would allow users to access mobile phone features like texting, emailing, browsing, by simply typing what they want to do.

Interestingly, developers will be able to design applications specifically for phones when they are placed on the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock.

Palm explained that when the Palm Touchstone phone is docked with the peripheral, the "Exhibition" module will pop-up, displaying specific apps that can allow users to view the day's agenda or browse through their Facebook photos.