Spil Games Set To Use HTML5

Spil Games has announced that the company will use HTML5 web technology to create mobile versions for its existing gaming titles.

According to Mobile Entertainment, the company which is the world’s largest maker of web-based casual games has embraced HTML 5 technology to release mobile versions of its 47 gaming portals.

“We made games for iPhone, but it wasn't really scalable for our business. We want games that can spread easily over different properties, so we were looking for something that could enable us to bring games cross-platform." stated Peter Driessen, chief executive officer for Spil Games.

According to Driessen, current HTML5 is lot like the earlier versions of Flash Player, however, it will give a pleasing gaming experience within the browser even today. The CEO is confident that it will replace Flash in few years' time.

Also, Spil Games will soon launch a competition to encourage developers for creating games with the help of the new technology. The winner of the HTML5 Developer Contest will receive a reward of $50,000.