WikiLeaks' Assange hit by strangest lawsuit yet

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been hit by another lawsuit - by the most litigious (and, quite possibly, strangest) inmate of the US penal system.

Plaintiff Jonathan Lee Riches, 33, is a resident of the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky, where he is currently serving a ten-year sentence for fraud.

Due for release in 2012, Riches has, it seems, put the long days behind bars to good use - filing a string of nuisance lawsuits against... well, just about everybody you can think of.

Court dockets reveal that Riches has been responsible for thousands of complaints over the last few years, many of them filled with his often hilarious trademark conspiracy theories.

Past recipients of his legal attentions include former president George W Bush, Steve Jobs, Martha Stewart, Che Guevara, Plato, Nostradamus and the dwarf planet Pluto.

The latest batch of litigation was sent by mail to the US District Court in Denver, Colorado, and also includes complaints against TV magistrate Judge Judy and suspected al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki.

In the complaint against Assange - who is erroneously credited as the founder of online reference site Wikipedia - Riches claims that the WikiLeaks man "both violated my civil rights and my copyrighted rights" by, among other things, allegedly publishing photos of him at Abu Ghraib prison, and in addition "posted a letter memo I received from Barack Obama begging me to stop filing lawsuits".

The filing also goes on to claim that Assange made public Riches' credit card receipts, revealing that Riches had allegedly "paid for Dick Cheney's heart surgery". And just for good measure, Hillary Clinton is accused of stealing Riches' credit card to pay for her daughter's recent wedding.

Oh, and he "taught Assange how to computer hack at Defcon, Las Vegas". Allegedly.

You'll find a PDF of the full claim here if you have some spare time on your hands. Banged up in prison, for example.