Xsigo Demonstrates New Virtual I/O Device

Virtualisation start-up Xsigo Systems has unveiled the Ethernet version of its virtual I/O appliance, which is capable of plugging-in to a server and create virtual links out of the 10-Gigabit Ethernet port.

The new Ethernet-enabled Xsigo I/O Director, which was showcased during VMware's annual VMworld conference, will allow organisations to create different virtual Ethernet or Fibre Channel links from the server without using InfiniBand server adapters.

The company explained that IT administrators will be able to able to connect several servers and networks with each other in a matter of minutes. Interestingly, the Xsigo I/O Director comes with a specially designed iOS app, which can be used to control the appliance from an iPhone or iPod Touch.

In a statement to PC World, Gartner analyst Mark Fabbi, said that Xsigo's USP's boils down to the fact that “the problem is really driven by virtualization and the fact that workloads can and will move around, so we can't physically preconfigure and prescribe what the I/O mix is going to be and have that live for the life of that system.”