16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab To Cost £665?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab may well prove to be an extremely expensive device after all as we've learnt that the price of the Android-based tablet may well hit £665 including taxes, for the 16GB SIM-free model, a price that's too close to the £699 of the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G Apple iPad.

German website H-Online revealed the price before adding that all four German mobile phone networks will offer the Galaxy Tab, which means that O2 and T-Mobile are more than likely to bring the device to the UK.

It is very likely that Samsung has increased the price to make it more attractive on pay monthly, subsidised contracts. The £599 iPhone 32GB costs £60 per month on a two year contract and it is likely that the Galaxy Tab attracts the same kind of pricing which would make it a niche player.

The Galaxy Tab, which comes with a standard LCD screen rather than an AMOLED one in order to cut down on costs, should be available in October and as expected, Vodafone has already confirmed that it will carry the device.

Samsung's tablet is another device device from the Korean Chaebol to share a common hardware platform with the Samsung Galaxy S; expect two more to come, an iPod Touch like device and a Google TV peripheral (like the Apple TV) but built by Samsung.


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