Apple iOS Surpasses Linux In Operating System Market

Fresh data released by web analytics firm Netmarketshare indicates that Apple's iOS has overtaken Linux in terms of global browsing marketshare.

According to the company, Apple's iOS operating system, which runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, accounts for more than 1 per cent of global mobile browsing share, higher than the marketshare held by Linux.

In August, iOS managed to grab a marketshare of 1.13 per cent compared to the 0.85 per cent held by Linux. The data released by the company highlights the steady rise of Apple's iOS in the market since October 2009.

However, as Netmarketshare points out, the rise of Google's Linux-based Android OS, will soon eclipse Apple's iOS marketshare in the coming months.

Meanwhile, when it comes to desktop operating systems, Microsoft's Windows XP continues to lead the brigade with a marketshare of 60.89 per cent while Windows 7 manages to garner a share of 15.87 per cent.

As far as Apple's Mac OS X is concerned, it has been performing better, holding on to a combined marketshare of almost 5 per cent.