Apple iPod Classic Lives On

Apple is still selling the 160GB iPod Classic and it seems that it will remain on sale for another year with a selling price of £193 online although ASDA sells it for as little as £170.

Steve Jobs did not even mention the iPod Classic during his keynote event yesterday, instead announcing major updates to the Shuffle, Nano and Touch members of the iPod family; that didn't go unnoticed.

The media player is the only hard drive based iPod remaining and the only one still sporting the original click wheel design.

It is also the only one that has not undergone a major overhaul for the past three years.

One of the reasons why Apple might be keeping the 160GB iPod Classic is because it is too expensive to produce a similar sized iPod Touch.

Indeed, the iPod Touch 8GB costs £189, providing one twentieth of the capacity of its bigger sibling. A 128GB model might cost around £489 according to our calculations, which is the same price of the iPad 16GB.

Apple still includes it in its comparison and touts it as the take-everything-everywhere iPod.