Apple iPod UK Pricing : Notice Anything Special?

Apple has started to break down the pricing of some of its products starting with the newly released iPod family; the company now says how much VAT, duty and levies you will be approximately paying on the product you're buying.

On a £39 Shuffle for example, you'd be paying £6 worth of taxes, or roughly 18.19 per cent; UK VAT is currently pegged at 17.5 per cent which means that Apple has rounded up the nearest pound.

In the case of the 64GB iPod Touch, Apple chose to round off to the nearest number ending with "9". So rather than asking for £326, Apple bumped the selling price to £329 instead.

The move might have been motivated by the common complaint that Apple products are normally more expensive here than in the UK, a criticism that unfortunately doesn't consider the VAT that is slapped on electronics costing more than £18 entering the UK.

The 32GB iPod Touch therefore costs £210 before taxes or $323 dollars, $24 more than the US equivalent, which is a fairer price, especially when handling & shipping has to be considered.

We don't know whether Apple will roll out this new pricing structure across its site in the UK, it's worth nothing that it has started to do so in other European countries.