Apple launch event fails to surprise

Apple's much-anticipated music event, which was broadcast live to millions of the Mac faithful last night, was a mixed bag to say the least.

The biggest disappointment was, perhaps, that the Cupertino company's legendary security and secrecy had been breached on so many different levels that Steve Jobs' keynote held very few surprises.

We all new well in advance that some of the iPod range was getting a spruce up. The only real surprise was that the entire range got some love rather than just the Touch and the Nano.

Many tech pundits, including those here at THINQ, had predicted that iTunes would get a lick of paint and a more social outlook on life, and a cloud-based, sub-$100 Apple TV device along with 99 cent TV rentals first hit the rumour mill months ago.

We all knew that iOS 4.1 was just around the corner and that the iPad's operating system was well overdue an update.

There was a time when Steve Jobs' Apple keynotes were exciting affairs where innovative new products would be announced to an adoring and unsuspecting public.

These days they are just an excuse for smug tech hacks to crow 'I told you so' after the event.

Don't get us wrong. We love to break a juicy Apple leak as much as the next site but, we can't help wondering whether the world wasn't a slightly better place when we were kids and had no idea what Santa was bringing us for Christmas... or what Steve was bringing us for September.


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