Chinese Government Requesting ID For Mobile Services

China has made personal identification a compulsory prerequisite in order to buy and use mobile services, joining several other nations in a drive to curb usage of mobile technology that might run contrary to the country's official voice.

The Chinese government has decided to implement the long impending rule that makes submission of proof of identification a mandatory step when buying a new mobile connection.

"The policy on existing users is not being carried out very forcefully. If existing users do not register their names, their service probably will not be discontinued." stated Xu Fei, spokesman for the communication organisation China Telecom Ltd.

The new policy, which was first reported by state-run newspaper Global Times, comes in wake of statistics revealed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which indicate that nearly 40 percent of 800 million population of mobile users in the country remain unidentified.

The real name registration policy is an effort to keep a check on prevailing pornography, scams and fraudulent activities through mobile devices; worryingly enough, the ruling also applies to tourists from foreign countries.


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