Greenpeace Wants To Wean Facebook Off Coal

An environmental group has started a campaign against Facebook for its plan to run the Oregon centre on coal-powered electricity.

The Amsterdam-based group of environmental activists, Greenpeace International has initiated a campaign against world’s leading social networking company Facebook urging it to abandon its plan to buy electricity from a coal-based company, citing adverse effects on the environment if it chooses to do so.

According to Guardian Kumi Naidoo, director of the environmental group, claims Facebook has an influential position globally and can be a major contributor in increasing awareness about environment among world citizens.

The campaign letter has warned Facebook against risking its reputation along with financial repercussions if the process does not come to a stop.

“if we located the data centre most other places, we would need mechanical chillers, use more energy, and be responsible for more overall carbon in the air – even if that location was fuelled by more renewable energy." stated Facebook in response.

More than 500,000 Facebook users have taken part in the online campaign to urge Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive officer and founder, to revise the company's power plan for the Oregon centre.