Lady Gaga Gains 1000 Followers On iTunes Ping In 12 Minutes!

iTunes Ping may well be one of the most important features implemented in Apple's iTunes, more important than Genius and we're reminded today why this is the case.

Apple used Lady Gaga's profile to illustrate Ping's artist profile section (here) and you can note that the number of followers stands at 93,812, a number that's obviously photoshopped given that the actual figure currently stands at 66254 (at the time of writing).

What's supremely impressive though is the rate at which the number is growing; we've calculated that Lady Gaga's number of followers is growing at the rate of 1000 every 12 minutes or roughly 120,000 in a day which is simply astounding.

Given that she has six million followers on Twitter and a following of nearly 17 million people on Facebook, this doesn't really come as a surprise for a global superstar.

Interestingly, Gaga's account was launched back on the 3rd of August, four weeks before the launch of Ping and what's more, we've notice that some entries seems to have been published on Apple's social network first and then on Twitter.