LG Unveils Smart TV Prototype

South Korean consumer electronics giant LG is all set to unveil a number of prototype TVs running concept versions of its Smart TV service, which would allow users to access apps and premium Web content directly from their LG TV sets.

The Smart TV concept will be showcased during the IFA technology show in Berlin, Germany. LG will also demo its Magic Motion Remote Control which will control the Smart TV service. The remote is similar to the wand-like remote control demoed by LG during the CES 2010.

In a statement, Simon Kang, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company, said that “With the introduction of our advanced SMART TV, LG is able to offer a 'Total Home Entertainment Solution' enabling consumers to enjoy practically any digital content on any smart device.”

According to LG, the Smart TV will come with its own dashboard, from where, users will be able to use applications and access premium web content, from a single screen. The user interface will be specifically designed for surfing the internet and users will be able to add their favourite websites.