Microsoft Brings Back Windows 7 Family Pack

Software giant Microsoft has announced that it will reinstate the Windows 7 Family Pack, which allows families to run Windows 7 Premium Home Edition on three separate PCs.

According to a blog post, the Windows 7 Family Pack, which is priced at £150, will be made available in the UK, Germany, France, Canada and Australia from October 22nd onwards.

The family pack is being reinstated to mark Windows 7 OS's first anniversary but Microsoft did not say why it pulled the product off the shelves in the first place.

When Microsoft first launched the Windows 7 Family Pack, it had said that it would be available in 'limited quantities' and it seems that it will still be the same this time around.

“All summer long we’ve given you some great reasons to purchase a new PC and make the move to Windows 7, an operating system loved by a whopping 94% of folks who use it!”, Microsoft's Ashley Brown wrote on the blog.

Windows 7 Home Premium currently costs as little as £74 online, which means that buying three of them will cost you £222.

Hence families buying Windows 7 Family pack may save almost 33 per cent off the retail price.