Microsoft IE Browser Marketshare Drops To 60 Per Cent

The overall market share of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser fell by 0.34 per cent in August to end up at 60.4 per cent, despite a rise of 1.03 per cent in IE8's marketshare.

According to data released by Net Applications, IE8 experienced a significant rise and managed to grab a marketshare of 27.9 per cent, but on the whole, IE suffered a downfall, partly due to the growing popularity of Google's Chrome web browser.

Meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 got the second slot behind IE8, with a marketshare of 16.8 per cent. Taking all the Firefox versions into perspective, Firefox bagged a total web browser marketshare of 22.93 per cent.

Internet Explorer 6 and 7, on the other hand, got the third and fourth place, with marketshares of 16.18 per cent and 10.89 per cent respectively.

Interestingly, Microsoft is celebrating the fact that IE 6's marketshare is down to 5 per cent in most of the developed nations. However, the aged web browsers continues to run supreme in China, with a marketshare of 46 per cent.