Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 7 To Partners

Microsoft has finished working on the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform and the company has passed-on the complete code to hardware manufacturers and mobile network carriers for further development.

The company has announced that the work on Windows Phone 7 by the internal engineering team is over and the company has achieved a milestone as it gets ready to release the developed software to its OEM partners.

“While the final integration of Windows Phone 7 with our partners’ hardware, software, and networks is underway, the work of our internal engineering team is largely complete. We are ready.” Tery Myerson, corporate vice president of Windows Phone engineering division announced in the company’s blog.

According to Myerson, the team has run automatic stress tests of the latest operating system for massive 3.5 million hours on nearly 10,000 prototypes of a Windows 7 mobile phone.

Microsoft had identified mobile phone manufacturing partners for Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress early this year, a list that included Asus, HTC, LG, Samsung and Dell; Sony Ericsson and Toshiba were added to it last month.