New Apple iPod Nano Goes Touchscreen

Apple has radically changed the design of the new iPod Nano, slashing its size to half its predecessor and losing the click wheel and the camera in the process.

Instead the media player now comes with a 1.54-inch capacitive multi touch display which might prove a bit problematic for those with fat fingers.

The screen is much smaller than on the previous iPod Nano, which means that it is less suited for viewing videos, especially as the screen is square rather than elongated, which may explain why Apple has decided to dump video playback altogether.

Available in 8GB and 16GB models with a choice of seven colours, the iPod Nano circa 2010 comes with a built in accelerometer, a battery life of up to one day, a FM Radio (with live pause), Nike's Fitness feature, support for Genius Mixes and a new built-in clip inherited from the Shuffle.

At just over 21g, it is set to compete with the iPod Shuffle and it won't surprise us if Apple dumps the Shuffle altogether next year and introduces a cut-price Nano instead.

The 8GB model starts from £129 while the 16GB will cost £159, which means that the iPod Nano is possibly the worst value for money of the four Apple iPod devices.