Nokia Kills Off OVI Files

Nokia has decided to call off OVI, its mobile-based file sharing service, closing it down as from October 1st; Ovi was initiated as a part of Nokia’s venture into Internet services.

Finland-based world’s biggest mobile manufacturer Nokia Corporation will shut down the file-sharing service according to an email sent to users of the service; the company cited the lack of interest to justify the decision.

"Nokia is discontinuing the Ovi Files service, effective October 1, 2010. We want to explore broader horizontal offerings in mobile maps, email, messaging, media, social networks and music", stated Nokia’s spokeman Tapasi Kaskinen.

The company has urged its users to uninstall the Ovi Files Connector application from their computers by October 1; Nokia has cited poor subscription take-ups as the reason for the shut down before adding that it has more than 1.5 million registered members worldwide.

Ovi file sharing service was rolled out by Nokia Corp. after it obtained the technology from the acquisition of US-based comapany Avvenu in 2007. The service allowed users to keep a track of their files on their computer through any other remotely connected Nokia device.