Scottish School Swaps Paper For iPad

A Scottish school has ditched pen and paper to switch to a technologically advanced teaching strategy, as students turn to Apple's iPad for their entire curriculum.

Students at Cedars School of Excellence, Greenock, Scotland now use Apple’s tablet computer to read, write and understand their subject, as school authorities have decided to leave behind pen and paper.

According to a news report by Scottish website Daily Record, the Christian school will give lessons to its 105 students between the age of five to 15, on how to use iPads for school purposes.

"We wanted to give each of the pupils an opportunity to use the best equipment available. Each of the children will have their own iPad which they will use the computers for learning in different subjects." stated Fraser Speirs, Head of computing and IT co-ordinator at Cedars.

The devices will be connected with school’s wireless network to run only approved websites. The school did not say how many iPads will be purchased and how much it paid for each of them; Apple charges around £20 off every iPad which means that the entry level iPad would cost £409 excluding the Apple Care, that's a LOT of pen and paper.


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