Sony Releases New E-Reader Gadgets

Sony has unleashed revamped versions of the its three e-reader devices that come with enhanced touch-screen capabilities and available at a higher price.

Where Sony's rivals Amazon and Barnes & Noble have cut the price of their flagship e-reader devices, Sony has chosen to offer feature rich devices at a higher price.

The company informed that its Reader Pocket Edition, Reader Touch Edition, and Reader Daily Edition e-Reader devices will come with a highly responsive E-Ink touchscreen display, which relies on infrared sensors for determining the position of the user's finger on the screen.

Sony has also made some heavy design changes for the e-Readers to be more lightweight and compact and stylish in outlook, taking a page out of Amazon's book.

The only flaw in Sony's flaw to takeover the e-Reader market is the pricing. The Reader Pocket Edition is available for $179, a cost increase of $29, while the Reader Touch Edition costs $229 and the Reader Daily Edition can be purchased for $299.

It remains to be seen how this strategy pans out in the burgeoning e-book market about to be swamped by a glut of Android-based tablets.