VMWare Unveils Cloud-based Dev Platform

Virtualisation software maker VMware has dished out a cloud-based application development platform, which will allow developers to create Java applications to run on VMware systems.

The company explained that the application development platform will run on the Spring Framework, which it procured from the acquisition of SpringSource; the Java applications developed on the platform should run on VMware machines on the cloud flawlessly.

Speaking at the VMworld conference, Shaun Connolly, VMware vice president of SpringSource product management, said in a statement that “Initially, we want to target the 2.5-million-strong Spring Java community. But we want to set the foundation for laying in other languages such as Ruby on Rails and PHP, which are two of the more popular.”

The company said that the application development and deployment speed will be greater if the development platform is integrated with a virtual platform. VMware believes that developers are looking to create applications on a cloud based platform for easy deployment options on the cloud.