Apple CEO Explains Why iTunes Doesn't Ping Facebook

Apple's boss, Steve Jobs, has spoken about why the new social network feature integrated in iTunes, Ping, does not come with Facebook integration despite the fact that it still clearly says so on Apple's website.

Shortly after his keynote speech at the event held in San Francisco, Jobs told Kara Swisher of tech website All Things Digital, that the service is not available on Facebook or other social networking platform apart from Twitter because the company could not agree to the terms and conditions proposed by Facebook.

Jobs did not reveal anything about the terms and he did not stress much on integration with Facebook Connect in the future. Ping's page in the UK (here) says that users should be able to invite friends from Facebook or email by connecting to their Facebook account directly.

Ironically, Apple might have approached Myspace, a better suit for the music-oriented service, to discuss a tie-up. Apple is already in discussion with News Corp, the owner of Myspace, over other projects.