Apple Set To Launch iOS 4.2 In November

Apple is set to upgrade the operating system on its iPad tablet device to iOS 4.2 in November; in addition, iOS 4.1 is coming soon to iPod Touch and iPhone smartphones.

The forthcoming update was announced by Apple's chief executive officer Steve Jobs while addressing the gathered members of the media at the company's annual musical event in San Francisco, California this week.

The company plans to upgrade the existing operating system of iPad to iOS 4.2 in the month of November, Jobs told the media during his keynote speech at the event, bringing with it nearly 100 additional features.

The update is expected to bring some missing features to the device as Apple readies its tablet computer for multi tasking which has already gone live on iPhones and iPod Touch when they were updated with iOS 4.

iPad owners will enjoy wireless printing facility using the Print Centre app and the update will also allow users to stream music and videos and pictures from the iPad to Apple TV.

Note that iOS 4.2 will be compatible with ALL iOS devices but the iPad is set to be the biggest beneficiary of the upgrade.