Dave Donatelli Favourite To Replace Hurd At HP's Helm

The acquisition war between two of the world’s leading computer makers has resulted in Dave Donatelli becoming the prime candidate for becoming the next chief executive officer (CEO) of Hewlett-Packard.

Dave Donatelli, an executive heading the enterprise servers, storage and networking department at Hewlett-Packard and Company, who led the bidding war against Dell Inc to acquire 3Par, is being touted as the next CEO.

The 45 years old executive is a graduate from Boston College and holds a business administration degree from Kellogg School of Management, following which worked for EMC Corporation for 22 years before joining HP in 2009.

Following the successful acquisition, Donatelli has become a favourite with the industry insiders who are betting on his next promotion as the CEO of the company after the dismissal of HP’s most accomplished head Mark Hurd.

Hurd was let off the job after his sexual relationship with one of the company’s contractors came out in the open. Since then, Cathie Lesjak, the chief financial officer has taken over as the interim CEO of the company.