$18 DIY hack for Playstation 3 released

Anyone with a spare $18 and a smattering of computer nous can now hack Sony's PlayStation 3 console.

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Sony had won an injunction against a number of companies selling pre-programmed USB dongles containing the hack code, the programmers behind the exploit have released the code into the wild, allowing anyone with the wherewithal to fillet the gaming hardware's legendarily uncooperative OS.

In fact, anyone with around $18 to spend on a USB reference board such as the one offered by Teensy (it's currently sold out... we wonder why?) and the ability to follow the instructions offered by Github will soon be playing homebrew games and using unsigned apps to their heart's content.

PSGroove, which is an open source implementation of the PSJailbreak exploit, can be installed to the USB reference board using the AVR GCC toolkit on Linux or WinAVR on Windows.

The outfit behind the hack says that the software is not intended to enable piracy an that such features have been disabled, but we'll give it about 24 hours before someone with a less law-abiding attitude to such matters to tweak the code and re-release it.