iTunes Ping blocked by Facebook

It came as no surprise when Steve Jobs announced that iTunes 10 would come with a new social networking feature called Ping.

The new feature, which allows music fans to share their musical tastes with friends, was widely predicted in the tech press, but most assumed that integration with Facebook would be included.

The social networking giant freely encourages other applications to use its APIs to allow connections with Facebook, but it seems that inviting 160 million iTunes users into the fold was a step too far.

According to All Things D, negotiations had taken place between Apple and Facebook but those talks broke down with Apple boss Steve Jobs describing the terms imposed by the social notworking giant as 'onerous'.

Apparently Apple went ahead with using the Facebook APIs in experimental builds of iTunes 10 but Facebook eventually blocked access from the popular digital media application.

The Facebook APIs can normally be used without permission but the company's terms and conditions state that it reserves the right to block any use that could have issues for the privacy of user data, or make an impact on the outfit's infrastructure.

160 million users dumping Facebook in favour of Ping could have a bit of an impact, we reckon.