Facebook Prevents iTunes Ping From Using API

Facebook has blocked Apple from using its API in its new Ping iTunes social network, after the companies failed to come an agreement over the matter.

Ping originally featured Facebook integration along with support for Twitter, but once the new music management software went live, Facebook support was missing.

It went AWOL from the platform after Facebook blocked its API from being used by Apple, according to All Things D's Kara Swisher.

Generally, companies are not required to take permission from Facebook for using the platform API, however in this case, as Ping will draw heavy data from the platform, it will need to take Facebook's permission first before using the API.

According to Steve Jobs, the terms and conditions proposed by Facebook for using its API were 'onerous', hence Apple was forced to remove Facebook integration from Ping when it launched.

As mentioned earlier today, Apple's UK iTunes Ping page still mentions that users can invite their friends from Facebook, which mean that Apple may well still be in discussion with the social networking website.