FCC Wants Feedback Over Net Neutrality From US Citizens

The Federal Communications Commission has decided to involve net users in the US in its decision over the concept of net neutrality.

In an attempt to involve the members of the public, the FCC has said it wants to know more about their side of story when it comes to what ISPs should do to manage the traffic flowing over their servers.

According to the BBC News, several ISPs want to treat the entire traffic on their networks equally, while others ISPs who do not want work under the net neutrality principal.

“Recent events have highlighted questions on how open internet rules should apply to 'specialised' services and to mobile broadband, what framework will guarantee internet freedom and openness, and maximise private investment and innovation," said Julius Genachowski in a statement.

According to reports, people in favour of net neutrality are disappointed by FCC’s progress in the matter, despite its previous claims to reach a decision faster.

Whether a similar debate will happen in the UK remains to be seen; traffic management solutions have already been built-in the infrastructure of service providers like BT and Virgin Media.