Gordon Brown joins Berners-Lee web foundation

Been wondering what Gordon Brown's been up to since losing the general election on May 6th?

Well, here's one thing. Yesterday, it was announced that he'd been elected to the board of directors of the World Wide Web Foundation - the institution formed last year by Web 'inventor' Tim Berners-Lee to promote online access around the globe.

According to a statement released by the WWWF yesterday, former UK prime minister Brown will "advise the Web Foundation on ways to involve disadvantaged communities and global leaders in the development of sustainable programs that connect humanity and affect positive change".

Brown is expected to focus on improving Web access in Africa, a continent that has so far lagged behind the rest of the world in gaining access to cyberspace.

"Africa is a new source of dynamism in the global economy," said Gordon Brown, accepting the unpaid position. "Initiatives designed to promote continuous and sustained growth will have a profound impact, not only on the future of African nations, but also our global society.

"I support Web Foundation's mission to promote the advancement of the Web, as well as access to it, especially in Africa where the Web can act as a catalyst for economic growth."

Welcoming Brown aboard, Steve Bratt, Chief Executive Officer of Web Foundation said: "We are delighted former Prime Minister Brown has decided to join our Board of Directors and support Web Foundation's projects, which are designed to strengthen the relevance of, and accessibility to, Web content for people around the world."

Nice to see at least one former prime minister moving on with a little dignity.